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  1. Hi,

    I’m working on a website to tell the story of how terrible communism was and is. The website address will be Well it’s almost ready to go live and I was wondering if you would be interested and able to write one (or more) articles about communism’s dangers. The article would need to have sources or at least list quantifiable things (bottom line is I don’t want leftist to have any ammunition to discredit it).

    Here are some titles to pick from (or make your own).

    Communism’s Persecution of Religion
    Communism’s Ultimate Goal (you talked about how Communism was never expected to work, but to be used to trick the people into giving unbelievable power to a few people..and then once they realized they’d “been sold a bill of goods” it was too late. I REALLY liked your post HERE)
    Communism and Healthcare
    Communism versus Freedom
    Communism’s Propeganda Tools
    How Communism Sneaks In
    Why Communism Doesn’t Work
    Communism’s Greed Factor

    Would you please pick what articles you can do in a timely fashion and, would you please suggest other topics? I’m very passionate about this project and think it can be big. I want to try to keep other cultures from being suckered into communism or socialism again.

    Your thoughts? Would you like to be part of it? Thank you!


    • If you’re interested in corresponding, drop me a line. I can talk politics all day. On some issues, we may be in agreement. On others, we’re probably in disagreement. I’m a member of the Green Party, but since we’re not on the ballot in most places, I vote Libertarian. (Let’s hear it for the two-party authoritarian monopoly the Democrats and Republicans have on the U.S. political process!)

      I’ve taught in several Marxist countries and can discuss politics with some degree of authority.


  2. Une jetoje ne canada dhe pse ne shqiperi gjendje eshte per ty ardhur keqe per ate politikane qe kemi ne krye;por kjo nuk do te thote qe ne ta urrejme ete vend,me vjene keqe per mendimet e tua ,turp te keshe

  3. Ardi,

    Nuk e di sa kohe ke ne Kanada sepse Shqipen e shkruan disi percarazi. Nuk e kuptoj cfare po i referohesh ekzaktesisht, e se rreth cfare u dashka te me vije turp nga mendimet e mia. Ne nje fare mase, me duket hipokrite kur emigrantet e braktisin vendlindjen me tere keto justifikime “politikanet, gjendja ekonomike” etj etj, por nga ana tjeter duan ta mbajne veten per patriotet e shekullit dhe t’i terheqin vemendjen e t’i bejne moral njerzve te tjere te cilet, sic i thone ne Anglisht, walk the walk and are also not afraid to talk the talk. Nuk mund ta kesh ne dy menyra. O rri drejt me “patriotizmin” tend e ktheu ne Shqiperi e mos u anko, ose mos na merr gjak ne vetull ne te tjereve qe flasim haptazi. Fajto politikanet sa te duash: ata reflektojne realitetin shoqeror Shqiptar, dhe po te mos donte njerezia t’i jepte votat dhe pushtetin, nuk do te ishin aspak pjese e skenes.

    Kur fajeson nje force te trete abstrakte (ne kete rastin tend, “politkanet”) je thjesht duke iu shmangur pergjegjesise vetjake. Gjithsesi, as nuk e di se per cfare e ke fjalen e pse u dashka te me vije kaq shume turp. Shpjegohu, try to make some sense…

  4. Hey Sweetie – I don’t know how else to get ahold of you. You’re a tough nut to crack. Love you so much and think of you so very often. I’ll e-mail Yahoo if you’ll respond. Would love to hear from you. Life is so very good. Things are moving on, as they should. Shout me a holler. Please!!!!!!!
    hugs and kisses Mamma C (Connie)

  5. Pershendetje Kejda!
    Thjeshte po beja disa kerkime ne google per Tiranen
    dhe mes fotove te shumta vura re dhe
    foton tende qe seriozisht me shtangu mes ngjason
    tmerresisht me dike. Ndoshta nuk eshte shume
    interesante per ty por deshira e brendshme
    dhe koha e gjate pa e pare personin qe te ngjason
    ty me ngacmoi jashtezakonisht shume per te te
    Kalofshit mire

  6. Pershendetje Nardi!

    Nuk ia kam idene se kujt i ngjaj. Pergjithesisht me thone qe kam fytyre te vecante e s’para i ngjaj njeriu! Gjithsesi, faleminderit per komentin. Shoh qe je nga Shkodra, ose te pakten keshtu me thone statistikat e sitit tim. Cfare behet andej?

  7. Edhe njehere pershendetje Kejda!
    Kisha kohe pa hyre ne faqen tende ndaj dhe se kisha pare mesazhin tend. Une sjam nga Shkodra( se di pse ta lash kete pershtypje. Personin qe te ngjasonte e kontaktova dhe kur i tregova fotot e tua shtangu aq shume sa po dyshonte nese ish ajo vete apo dikush tjeter. Nejse, te pershendes.

  8. Pershendetje Nardi!

    Me bere shume kurioze, e di!? A ka ndonje mundesi te me dergosh me email fotot e kesaj goces? Do me bente shume pershtypje ta shikoja nese me ngjan vertete kaq shume.

    Po s’pate mundesi, mos kij merak!


  9. Lee,

    If I(from an ex-communism country) might suggest some other topics for your nocommunism project these would be: Communism and its connections to terrorism. Italy’s Red Brigades and Greece’s “17 November” infamous terrorist groups who killed hundreds of innocent people including top reformist politicians, among others, are a vivid illustration. In Greece, and in many Latin American countries these groups are still very active and continue to kill. Besides revolutions which they consider legally accepted means to come into power, communists have resorted also to purely illegal and as antidemocratic as they could be, methods like terrorism.

    One other facet which often now tends to be underestimated now is Communism virulence on interantional level. Being self-aware of how wierd communism is, it knows it needs more and more hosts to survive. It tends to spread like a virus until the whole body is taken and defense systems are dead. Lenis’s thory of the Interantional Revolution speaks by itself.

    The third and may be last topic to bring forward is Communism as anti- patriotism, and by this is not meant the traditional old fashion nationalism. But communists have proven that their own country’s interests and wellbeing is without question to be subordinated or even sacrified on behalf of international solidarity and revolution. “Communists have no country”

  10. You might want to be careful becoming a certain Muslim’s “useful idiot”, If you do, you won’t be the first. He tends to try to spread lies about the people on his enemies’ list … which tends to consist of men he is jealous of … and those “useful idiots” as the Communists used to call them, are always women. He is a “grudge holding” person, and there are several people whom he can’t let go of attacking, and he will use deep untruths and baseless innuendo to do it. You may find yourself having to apology to people you’ve harmed and you may also find yourself being asked to do things over the line of the law … like attack other people by email. Never do anything he tells you to do on the phone. In other words, before you pass along ANY information he gives you, you want to make certain that you have it from him IN WRITING, so if you find yourself getting sued for slander you have the proof that it was not YOU who made up the lie. If you are dealing with the person I think you are dealing with, there is truth to his passion for the people of Kosovo, and I believe that passion to be pure. But he is not above using it for personal vendettas, and I sense this in your writings both on LGF and here.

    So, I would just tell you that you should be careful if you are getting information from the person I think you’re getting it from, because in the end it’ll be YOUR reputation, not HIS, that is ruined, and if you think you have any future ahead of you whatsoever, you don’t wnat it to go down before it has even begun.

    It’s always women he uses for this, commensurate with his clear chauvinism, so be careful.

    I wouldn’t want you to go through what a very dear friend of mine has gone through, for he will use a Muslim woman as well as a non-Muslim woman (there have been a few of those, too) to engage in proxy male competition games.

  11. HI ,KEJDA.can i first off all say well done for all this hard work you are doing on this side,am really impressed by your work and knolledge .une jam sghqiptar nga tirana dhe jetoj ne angli per 13 vjet.po kerkoja disa foto dhe lajme per shqiperine dhe pashe your web side dhe also pash enver hoxhen per here te pare,te faleminderit dhe i will be visiting your side most certanly, all the best

  12. Wow! Very good site and well done!

    Suksese te metejshme!


  13. Aida,

    Thanks for the kind words. I wish more Albanian commenters were as positive.

    Keep checking back often for updates!



  14. Ckemi, si fillim do desha t t uroja per mundimin q ke marre per t krijuar
    kete faqe kaq interesante mbi veten dhe pak njohuri t pergjthshme per
    shqiptaret. Sidomos t t uroj per mundimin q ke marr per t perkthyer kenget
    e folklorit.

    Tani kisha nje pyetje:
    Ti jeton ne Amerike, me sa shkruan. Ke rastisur me ndonje Amerikan q t hedh
    balte mbi historine e vendit t tij, sidoqofte q ka qene ajo. Se jo gjthm ka
    qene sh e ndritur, si historite e gjth vendeve. Po ti leme menjane
    amerikanet, po gjete nje njeri, italian, gjerman, francez, cfaredo lloj
    kombi qofte, dhe sidomos ne mergim, te shaje historine e kombit t vete, t
    marre mundimin dhe ta perktheje q t na qeshi bota, do t jap doren.
    Un jam e mendimit q historine e vendit nuk e bejme, as une as ti, as
    politikanet tan t shquar q kan 19 vjet q na lodhen koken me cfare ka bere
    komunizmi, n vend q t ecin perpara. Historia shkruhet nga t tjere, ate e
    vendos koha.
    Prandaj n vend q t harxhosh kohe, duke hedhur balte mbi figurat e vendit
    tone, nqs ka ndonje q ste pelqen, mos e ze nder goje, dhe merru me ato q t
    pelqejne. Se figura t ndritura ka boll.
    Dhe sa per t share vendin, ka gia shume shtete t huaja q merren, grekun
    prape e kemi n kufi. Kshq nqs je me verte shqiptare, ketu trego gjerat e
    mira t vendit, e mos na e nxij faqen.

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