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failed ideas for Alba shirts

Alright, so I'm not the most outspoken Albanian patriot. But I've seen some radically fugly Albanian t-shirts out there, none of which I would ever wear no matter how gung-ho I was about the land of the eagles. So I put up these designs on Cafepress, but no one bought! I guess my compatriots shall unapologetically continue to declare their love of country with incredibly tacky shirts.

I love Albania

Pretty damn cool, huh? Inverting the color scheme and making the eagle into a heart, though I must admit she now looks like some sort of mutant chicken.

Yeah, I thought I had a winner. Oh well...Albanian Domination

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  1. hey jam beti nga italy

  2. Hey Beti. C’na thua nga Italia?

  3. hi i’m albanian too! great website

  4. Bravo te qofte…
    Me gjithe shpirte…

  5. Eshte dicka e MBREKULLUESHME!!.

  6. Mundeni te me dergoni foto te ndryshme nga ALBANIA plz:

  7. heyy shqipe…. lovee dat pic….. put moree upp …. x

  8. Ha, rrofsh Sada,

    Kaq kam ama. S’ka me te tjera. Glad you like ’em though.

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