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  1. Well, tune in, for I have a very ‘ripe’ piece coming up soon. I finally gave up mentally masturbating on LittleGreenFootballs threads last week

    Hi, Medaura.

    Recently a lizard gave me a bunch of RSS feeds to view using Google Reader, I did not expect this blog to be updated. As for your giving up on LGF threads, I recall reading your comments and they were generally very well composed and thought out, I believe we even had a brief exchange (although I can not recall the topic) which seemed productive enough for me. But, I will admit, I have not been able to visit the threads as often lately, so I may have missed the mental masturbation. 🙂

    My best piece yet is just around the corner…

    I’m holding you to that.

  2. I stumbled upon your site from the Infidel’s Bloggers Alliance…and was hooked. Since I have an RSS Feed on my yahoo page, I check everyday to see what you are up to. I am ready to believe that you are Bill Whittle in drag….check out his stuff at eject!eject!eject!

  3. Oh wow, I had no idea anyone actually regularly read this blog! That’s most flattering, Jauhara…

    In November I finally managed to sneak in during open registration and get me an account at LGF. Since then I haven’t popped out a single piece. This blog was a place to sublimate my convictions and observations into runaway essays. When I had LGF to vent my immediate thoughts instead, it became simply impossible to write this blog. I guess I’m just not disciplined enough.

    I have written a strong political piece which I am submitting to a few magazines, see if anyone wants to publish it. So until I hear back from them, I won’t put it up here since they may want exclusive publishing rights. I am itching to have people read it though!

    Konservo, in the Kosovo-Serbia threads the anti-Albanian sentiment got a bit disturbing for me, and I realized that the anti-jihadi alliance is intellectually unstable. I find Islam very problematic because of its self-annihilating dedication to a supremacist dogma which requires absolute submission of the mind (and all the atrocities that inevitably follow).

    I discovered that a lot of users at LGF are reactionaries instead of thinkers, who hate Islam just because it’s not Christianity or Judaism (which to me are just tamer versions of the same ideological evil). The Serbian revisionism got too sick for me… Apparently the bearing of a cross justifies or minimizes genocide, if the victims are considered “Muslim-Majority”.

    Being half Jewish and half Albanian, I try to be objective about both nations and their problems. I have found it now impossible to empathize with much of the pro-Israel sentiment at LGF, because it largely comes from narrow selfish sources: i.e Jews or Zionist Christians who care only about THEIR people (or the people their Church tells them to care for), and are incapable to extend the same sympathies to other people in similar situations. There is something tribal and inhumane in that kind of sensitivity to injustice.

    I also got on the nerves of some “big timers” there, it seemed, and just all in all stopped having fun when I realized too many people in the threads were less interested in true discussion than reflexively exercising their own prejudices which they have no felt need to objectively scrutinize.

    Your friend avideditorla together with Rodan pulled a bizarre stunt on me, and after the weird threat I received from Rodan (http://kejda.net/2007/11/06/rome-didn%e2%80%99t-fall-in-a-day-an-analysis-of-western-europe%e2%80%99s-cultural-demise/#comment-907)
    it’s just all lazy mental masturbation for all I see…

  4. Then you have insights that are valuable and interesting. You are right about some of the posters at LGF…and I am registered there, too. As a pro Israel Christian, my concerns are for all in the region, not just “my” people. I think that Israel, being the one country in the region that is truly, ethnically diverse, defies the definition of “one singular people” because not even the Jews can agree with each other, and certainly, there are Christians living there who are indistinguishable from the insanely radical voices in their over the top hatred for Israel and the Jews.
    Nor am I one of the apocalyptic types who wish to hasten the coming of the Lord Jesus….too many sins on my part, I guess. I just prefer to keep an open mind about many things, and to keep my common sense up in the face of the apologists for insanity.

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