This Girl Swings Both Ways!

Spinning girl illusion

Which way is the babe spinning? Supposedly, if she is turning right then your right brain hemisphere is dominant; if she is turning left, your left hemisphere is working. Very few people can see her turn both ways!

…pretty mesmerizing once you actually witness the change of spin right in front of your eyes because initially it sounds impossible to even conceive of her spinning in the opposite direction. What an amazing subtle optical illusion!

If you just don’t get it, keep staring at the page, perhaps look away for a second and focus on it again. Do not leave this page until you notice it: this is one of the best mind tricks I have ever seen!

Author: Kejda

Born: Tirana, Albania Residing: New York, NY University of Waterloo, Economics '08

6 thoughts on “This Girl Swings Both Ways!”

  1. Wow. At first she was implacably clockwise but now after some effort, I can make her go anti clockwise.

    PS I showed this to a couple of dumbos who missed the point altogether and got into a heated argument with each other over which way she is ‘really’ going. Too funny.

  2. Yeah, some people are hostile to the idea that she could possibly be just as well spinning in the other direction. It sounds so counter intuitive!

    Heated arguments though? hahah, beats me!

  3. ummm i hate to reak it to u guys but it’s a fake, if u notice at he beginnin, she has her head tilteto the right, her right arm at an angle an her right legup. then aftr a number of turns she sqitches to al the left…

  4. she changes all the time lol
    but somehow you have to look away… and then you see the difference.
    funny. I think there’s something fishy in it. it changes on purpose, there’s no optical illusion.

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