Oops!…They Did It Again

Nine minutes of pure sportsmanship gold:

The flower of Serbian youth proved its valor yet again by striking fear in the hordes of Moslem barbarians and Italian pansies. The double-headed eagle went down in flames for all to see. And if any doubts still lingered in your bosom as to whether it be Serbia that one day will rise again to save doomed old Eurabia from itself, well, now you had better believe it. Without a doubt, these fine sons of Serbia are the only hope left to our sickly Western Civilization.

A charming highlight: “At one point during the delay, Italy asked the Serbia team to walk over and try to calm their fans down. The Serbia players did so by applauding in an apparent ironic manner and held three fingers aloft in the traditional Serb victory sign.”

Go Srbije!

Author: Kejda

Born: Tirana, Albania Residing: New York, NY University of Waterloo, Economics '08

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