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The Winner Takes It All!

Money doesn’t buy happiness, of course, but it ought to remove almost all obstacles lying in its way. $109 million, 109 million opportunities for yourself, yet all you care about are the so many “opportunities” you have for our country? All these glorious master-plans you have concocted for us little people… Who the hell do you think you are Hillary, and what’s your excuse for being so miserable despite your riches?

Donate all your millions first, before you get the audacity to screech for raising taxes for the rest of us. What a contemptible hypocritical corrupt power-hungry Leftist byotch! It makes me feel all toasty inside to know that despite your fortune, you always have been and always will be miserable! That’s the story of your life.

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  1. Bubba has missed the boat. See he is a psycopath, and a socialpath and he should have been a CEO, becaue then 109mil would be peanuts compared to what e took a (miserable) lifetime to suck out of other people (are you listening Monica?) while CEO’s get that much every year easily.

  2. CEOs don’t make all that much money in a year. You trippin’?

  3. I don’t know. I prefer her over Obama.

    And all the nutters and moonbats seem to follow Obama.

  4. I second that. Obama is more dangerous… we know nothing about him. I myself am more afraid of an unknown unknown than a known stale evil. I am not rooting for Obama to win with that video, but it’s the inevitable reality at this point.

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