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Viola—Purple Glory


I love this drawing. These were the times when I had gotten great at the technique but I just didn't have the time to draw as often. Around the beginning of high school, I think. I remember I drew this around Christmas. The picture doesn't do it justice because the drawing is huge and the paper has folded a bit under its own gravity. So the golden sickle looks a bit crooked and the posture seems off. So much detail is lost! The texture is not fully captured either: There is a sparkle layer over the eyes and over the most precious parts of her garment. Damn, I can really draw anime!

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  1. kjo fotografi vertete qe me ka kujtuar shume gjera. me kishte marre malli te shifja vizatimet e tua. mundohu te gjesh pak kohe edhe per vizatimin. te puc fort

  2. Gjergji! Si je ti? Po, mundohem te gjej pak kohe, por e kam si bote tjeter vizatimin

  3. tung tugng qa po abani aka njasen tre

  4. qa po bani te fala vjolen aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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